Faith Growth

056: Fueling Faith with God's History (Throwback)

Every once in a while, Ageless Faith likes to dig into its podcast archives, pull out a favorite episode, and give it a listen again. We call it a "throwback".

This episode originally aired just over a year ago on January 14th, 2014. Ethan Cook, from Lyngblomsten, talked about the power of realizing an older adult's history with God and how it's fuel to grow their faith.


047: Every Change is a Chance for God to Show Up

Baby Boomers Gayle and Randy Cousins share their experiences navigating some of the changes they've encountered in older adulthood and where God showed up in them.

We'd be on a train and I'd just be praying and He'd start saying to me, "You know your life is not going to look the same as it has before..." - Gayle Cousins